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Building, Buying, or Selling a Home: What You Need to Know about Landscaping

Whether you’re building, buying, or selling a home—or if you need after tenancy cleanups—we can help you create or renovate your landscape.

Building: Blending architecture with landscape design can give you the landscape of your dreams, and planning is the key to achieving it. It is best to start at the beginning with your architect and home builder, to not only get the landscape of your dreams, but to ensure the integrity and safety of existing trees.

Our landscape designer has deep experience working with several of the most well respected and award-winning architects and home builders in British Columbia. By working with your architect and builder, we can establish a cohesive team, which is not only very cost-effective from a project standpoint, but which will also ensure a seamless design blending architecture with landscape design.

Buying: Congratulation on the purchase of your new home! Now that you’re settled in and have made the inside of your house into a home, it’s time for the outside. We can help you create or renovate your new landscape to create your personal touch.

When many people first buy a home, they are not familiar with the plants in their landscape or may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of creating or renovating a new landscape. We can conduct an assessment and create a strategy to either renovate the existing landscape or come up with a new plan for a complete makeover that fits your, and your home’s, needs.

Selling: Whether the real estate market is hot or cold, you always want to make a as much money as possible when selling your home. Most people focus on the inside of their home, but first impressions, including from the outside, are critical.

Refreshing the overall appearance of your outdoor space improves curb appeal and can help increase the value of your property. An attractive landscape also connects with potential buyers’ pride in home ownership. A positive first impression will engage potential buyers to want to see more.

And the opposite is also true. A poorly maintained landscape will give the impression that the home was not cared for and raises many questions and doubts about the condition of your home.

Based on our experience with preparing homes to go on the market, we strongly recommend advanced planning to get your landscape ready. It may take weeks to months for your landscape to look its best. We can renovate your landscape through the addition, removal, or renovation of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, groundcovers, and lawn.

When to bring in a Certified Arborist: If your lot has mature trees, consult a Certified Arborist. Trees can be severely damaged or killed during construction, and must be protected by a “no-work” zone around trees and their roots.

Also, if your new house is in a densely forested area, be aware that removing or heavily renovating healthy trees that have been sheltering the home from winds may leave the house and interior trees more vulnerable to damage.

Remember that it may be many years before a brand-new landscape design has matured into the final vision that complements the home. Be sure you feel informed about how long it will take to realize the landscape of your dreams after you move in, and have a good idea of the kind of maintenance it will require.

Landscaping’s Real Estate Value: By the Numbers

71: Percentage of home buyers who say curb appeal is important (National Association of Realtors)

84: Percentage of prospective buyers say the quality of a home’s landscape and yard would influence their decision to purchase it (National Association of Landscape Professionals)

100-200: Percentage of money invested in landscaping that can be recouped when a home is sold (Money Magazine)

Typical landscaping for a spec home.


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