Get answers to the Landscaping questions asked most frequently by our Oceanside clients

Does Village Green Landscaping Inc. have a business license to operate in the Oceanside area?

Yes. We have a Qualicum Beach Business License and an Inter-Community Business License which allows us to operate in numerous communities through-out mid-Vancouver Island (from Duncan to Campbell River). Copies are available upon request.

Does Village Green Landscaping Inc. have liability insurance registered with WorkSafeBC?

Yes. We carry Commercial Liability Insurance and we are registered with WorkSafeBC. Copies are available upon request.

Does it matter whether I use a landscaping company with insurance that is registered with WorkSafeBC?

Yes. As a homeowner you can personally be held liable for any injuries or damages resulting on your property. Whether you hire Village Green or not, always ask to see proof that all contractors and sub-contractors have current insurance and if eligible they are registered with WorkSafeBC. If they are not, you could be held responsible for their premiums. You can check the registration and payment status of a business if you get a clearance letter from WorkSafeBC.

Is a contract required for your services?

Only when installation services are estimated to cost in excess of $5000.00, or when design services are required.

What is the cost of our project?

There is no single answer to this question as this will be determined by the level of complexity of your project. However, after meeting with you, we will provide you with a detailed per item cost on an itemized estimate. There will be no hidden costs or surprises. We tailor our designs and installations to fit within your budget. We can even break the work into phases to help offset costs.

May I contact your previous clients?

Absolutely! We will provide a reference list upon request.

Do plantings come with any type of warranty?

Yes. At Village Green, we work directly with trusted, quality plant suppliers, individually hand-selecting all trees and shrubs for the highest quality and most favourable form. Additionally, we research and select all plants based on their ability to provide vigorous growth and vitality on individual sites and within the respective climates. Even so, ALL plantings purchased, installed, and maintained by Village Green in the Oceanside area are warranted for a full 1 year.